The three weeks after Halloween are when the gloves come off and most of us get serious about the holidays that loom ahead. Whether you are entertaining at home or going over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s, or homes of other relatives, it’s never too early to start to focus on allergy management. Doing the following 5 things will help you enjoy the season.

Say Yes To Vitamins—Giving your body the nutrients it needs by taking water soluble vitamins daily can drastically improve your physical and emotional health. These boost your immune system and make your body more naturally able to fight symptoms that irritants can cause.

Vitamin Stress B, C, D, E, and Coq10 will increase your stamina and overall feeling of well being. Taking them consistently will help keep their levels stable in your body.

If you ever skip a day you’ll notice the difference in how you feel immediately. The way you feel on days when you don’t take them will astonish you.

This suggestion is not meant to take the place of medical advice, so as always, consult your physician to make sure a professional thinks it’s a good idea as well.

Choose Your Company—You will probably receive a ton of invitations. Consider the circumstances carefully before you accept. If possible, turn down invitations where you know the air will be thick with irritants.

Homes with pets, smokers, and/or even an overabundance of scented candles can set you back for weeks. Flare-ups are hard at any time of the year and can be particularly stressful for you and those who love you when you are together for the holidays.

Be Prepared—Sometimes regardless of how many precautions you take, you will feel your allergy symptoms start to take control. Always travel with a “Plan B” in mind. For you that may be over-the-counter antihistamines, or a prescription prescribed by your allergist to stop symptoms before they become unmanageable.

Particle filters that can remove different size particles should be a part of any effective cleaner. These should include pre-filters for visible particles, a HEPA for invisible particulates, and carbon cloth which can remove both gaseous pollutants and particles.

Filter Your Air—-Even with all of the technological advances that have been made in science, one of the most reliable ways to experience allergy relief is still to avoid whatever triggers the symptoms.

Using an air purifier helps you avoid the triggers and reduces the need to take more invasive measures to manage the flare-ups.

Filter Other People’s Air—If your plans including visiting over night away from home, having an air purifier that is portable enough to travel with you is a good idea. That means that clean air is always as close as the nearest outlet wherever the holidays find you.

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