Food allergies or sensitivities are a group of signs and symptoms that denote adverse immunologic reactions to food. Nowadays thanks to coloring agents, preservatives, pesticides, and newer food storage techniques food allergies and sensitivities have become a very common phenomenon. The manifestation of food allergies or sensitivities are specific and highly individualized depending on age, sex, the quantum of exposure to a specific allergen.

If a person is allergic to some food, the manifestation of allergic reaction starts once the food enters the mouth. The mouth starts itching and once the food enters the stomach, abdominal dysfunctions starts and the person starts experiencing vomiting, stomachache, cramps and diarrhea. Severe gastroenteritis where there is vomiting and diarrhea cause a drop in blood pressure. On skin the manifestations are to dermatitis or hives with severe itching, red welts with heat and irritation and occasional swelling. The respiratory manifestations might vary from a slight difficulty in breathing to severe wheeze. The manifestation differs from persons to person.

Homeopathic remedies for Food Allergies and Sensitivities

Homeopathy has an excellent remedy for treating food allergies and sensitivities. As the treatment for these problems require a very individual approach, homeopathy treats food allergies by the use of simple remedies.

However, food sensitivity demands treatment that is specific to a particular problem, a specific allergen and a specific manifestations.

Some of the remedies for food allergies and sensitivities are:

Arsenicum Album: This is the remedy to think of first in any case of food related gastric upsets.This remedy is indicated when the patient is down, severely dehydrated with frequent passing of “White, rice watery liquid stools”, where there is thirst for small quantities of cold water and there is physical and mental restlessness with anxiety.

Aloes Socrotina: Pain around the navel region. Sense of fullness and distension of the abdomen and a feeling that there is a constant need to evacuate the bowels. Burning sensation with the loss of power of the sphincter’s of the rectum with the passage of lumpy, mucus stained undigested stool.

Calcarea Carbonica: The indications that ask for the use of this remedy are fatigue, anxiety sometimes with claustrophobia or fear of heights, lack of stamina, chillness, etc. The other common symptoms are developing digestive problem and heart burn after eating milk or wheat products, dizziness, swollen lymph nodes and tonsils, back pain, shortness of breath from exertion and strong craving for sour liquids.

Carbo Vegetabilis: It is an effective remedy for people who show indications of weakness, faintness, chillness, and indigestion due to reactions to food allergens. Such patients may also experience difficulty in breathing, strong desire for fresh air, frequent need to burp, bloating and flatulence.

Gelsemium: Patients who develop symptoms of chillness, weakness, trembling, muscle pain, droopiness in eyes due to allergy reactions ask for this remedy. They may also suffer in the back of the head and muscles of the neck and feel ill and weak.

When you are allergic to some food, your body responds to this food. Sometimes your immune system may react to even good food. Food allergies are not an ailment which needs to be cured but it is a manifestation of basic imbalance of the body.

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