For most of us, summertime is synonymous with relaxing fun and vacations. It is definitely the time of the year when most indulge in fun activities such as picnics, barbecues and other outdoor activities. However, this time of the year also brings with it allergies especially for those who are sensitive to various factors such as dust, mold, and insect bites etc.

Summer allergies can keep you confined to your home at a time when you should be outdoors indulging in all the activities you cannot during the winter months. During the summer months, you are likely to experience nasal stuffiness and/or excess mucous in your nose and throat. You could also be vulnerable to the summer cold caused due to the allergic reaction to airborne particles.

Self Help for Summertime Allergies

Although prescription medication is preferred to keep yourself free from seasonal allergies, there are a number of self-help measures which can help you get through the months without any allergies. Most of the time you might not even suspect the allergies you might have. However, you can use these tips and consult a physician for appropriate testing and treatment if the symptoms persist.

· Air conditioner use: If you use your air conditioner frequently during summer, it is advisable to have your filters changed on a monthly basis. Turn it off when you are not at home. When you turn it on, don’t stay in the room for the next 20-30 minutes as window units tend to emit mold when first activated and might trigger an allergic reaction.

· Swimming: It is a preferred activity to beat the summer heat. However, some people might be allergic to chlorine and might experience skin irritation as soon as they are out of the pool. To avoid this, take a shower immediately after you swim in a pool. You can even use nose plugs to avoid sinus infections.

· Skin care: Dry, irritated skin needs to be well moisturized. Ensure that you use ointments or lotions without any added fragrance. Use mild soaps only. If you get hives ensure that you avoid hot tubs and saunas. You need to stay away from hot showers and take warm showers with a cool rinse.

· Saline rinses: Do not think that decongestants are the only remedy for nasal stuffiness. You can prepare your own saline rinse at home with one-fourth teaspoon of salt and baking soda, eight ounces of tap water (warm). You need to squirt this liquid (four ounces) into one nostril and let it exit from the other nostril.


At times, it is hard to determine the cause of your allergy and self-help might not be a good option. An allergist is a doctor who is trained to find out the root cause of your allergies. This medical professional will treat the symptoms and help keep them under control so you can enjoy the bright summer months.

Our doctors are specially trained and certified in treating a wide range of sinus and allergy conditions.

Stefano Grossi
Atlanta Sinus Center