Allergies are a serious health problem for many people. People are allergic to so many different things; every possible food you can think of, animals and dust are just some of the things that can cause allergies. Many people can also have allergic reactions to perfume, causing them to stop wearing some of their favorite fragrances, or suffering when they are around someone who is wearing perfume. But this doesn’t have to be the case. There are things you can do to lessen your allergic reactions to perfume. Read on for ways you can still smell fabulous and not have to suffer from those terrible allergy symptoms.

If you suffer from allergic reactions to perfume, you also probably have the same response to scented soaps, lotions and cosmetics. When you spray perfume on yourself or even are near someone who is wearing perfume, you may start to get a sore throat, runny nose, itchy eyes or difficulty breathing. If you already have asthma, you may be more prone to perfume allergies.

First, you need to figure out if there is a particular fragrance that is causing the allergic reactions. It may just be a particular smell that is bothering you and not perfume altogether. See an allergy specialist and have him do a skin patch. This will narrow down on the specific fragrance that you are allergic to. Many people tend to have allergic reactions to fruity or citrusy perfumes, but tend to do better when they switch to a more clean and fresh scent. So if you want a new perfume, get something like Mon Jasmine Noir by Bvlgari rather than Happy by Clinique. The Bvlgari one is very light, clean and fresh. Unless you really have severe allergies to all perfume, this type of light fragrance isn’t likely to irritate you. The latter, however, is sure to exasperate your allergies if you are prone to them. It is a really strong citrus smell like orange and grapefruit — you may break out in hives just by looking at it.

It could also help you to start making some changes at home. Keeping an air filter and a humidifier in your bedroom can help your breathing. Make sure to keep your house clean of dust always, and try to vacuum at least once a week. You may also want to stay away from all these fragrances during the regular work week, and just keep your perfume and scented lotion in a drawer and save them for a special occasion. When you do decide to wear perfume, make sure you carry with you something that helps your symptoms. Always bring any prescription medication, as well as things like nasal sprays, nasal gels and eye drops.

You don’t have to suffer with your perfume allergies. Prevent them before they start. Save your perfume for special occasions, and wear light and clean perfume that doesn’t upset your allergies, like bvlgari perfume. Go to for your perfume needs.