The patients that display cat allergy symptoms may not even be aware of the underlying issues. It is heartbreaking to tell your children that they cannot keep their favorite pet. However that might be part of the course of cat allergy treatments that are required.

For some people the cold never seems to end. If you are in this situation you may want to consider the possibility whether you could be suffering from early cat allergy symptoms. Sometimes you may be offered the option of using a hypoallergenic cat but some owners feel that this is not a good replacement for the real thing.
Reactive cat allergy treatments: It is better to deal with the problems before they arise rather than concentrating on a firefighting strategy. For example you should take antihistamines as a pre-emptive measure against a reaction in case you are exposed to pets. By conservative estimates up to 10% of the US population suffers from some form of pet allergy. Further cat allergenic reactions are 200% higher than those originating from dogs. Rather than reacting to the fur, most people are affected by dander and bodily excretions such as saliva or urine.
Protein reactions: The element that will trigger the reaction is a protein. Therefore isolating it and avoiding it then you are likely to survive some of the worst effects. Essentially the immune system will mistake an otherwise harmless substance for a viral or bacterial infection. It reactions by attacking and this causes the skin to erupt or all the other signs. Therefore the allergy treatments for cats have to concentrate on the possibility of reducing the body reaction or removing the offending particle altogether.
Indirect causes: It has been found that even if you are not necessarily allergic to cats, they may trigger other reactions. The breeding of hypoallergenic cats such as the hairless sphinx has been effect but some people prefer to take antihistamines as a solution to the problem. You should try as much as possible not to hug cats. The use of repellents has been controversial because some pet owners feel that it tends to do harm to the animals in question.

Although the cat allergy symptoms may be mild at the beginning, you could see an escalation if you do not get treatment at the earliest opportunity. Moreover you have to plan ahead if you hope to travel in areas where the pets are found.

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