Many of us live with allergies, reactions and sensitivities. I am personally very sensitive to mold. I can smell it a mile away and slightest taste makes me hurl. Mold found in materials, walls and structures can cause me to become physically ill if I am exposed to long. In the past I have just tried to deal with it and avoid mold when possible. However, a recent question was recently posed to the medical field that caused me to change.

“Can using synthetic materials help my mold allergy symptoms?” The answer comes from the Honor Society of Nursing (SSTI). Synthetic materials are much less likely than natural fibers to attract and hold mold spores within your home or workplace. Whenever possible, use synthetic fabrics for things like clothing, bedding, furniture covers, and curtains. Examples of synthetic materials include polyester, nylon and acrylic.

No longer do I try and deal with mold that might arise or my reaction to it, but I have taken a preventive stance and changed my clothes, bedding, furniture, curtains and any other kinds of home furnishing to synthetic materials. I found the most impact on the change I made in my bedding, specifically my pillows. I love my bed and use lots of pillows and can’t live without my body pillow. I use to have 100% goose down pillows and body pillows. Now, I use pillows filled with synthetic materials.

There are several options when it comes to purchasing pillows with synthetic material. The cheapest synthetic filler is polyester which is non-allergenic. Not only is it great for keeping the mold away but it can easy allergies. Polyester is manufactured in pellet form used in bean bags and large floor pillows or in smaller micro-beads used in bed pillows and support pillows. Another popular option is synthetic down which is a polyester threading that is shaped into long singles threads to mimic lofty down clusters. Genius. This is my favorite because it is the perfect substitute for the goose down pillows and body pillows I use to have. It’s cheaper then natural down, hypoallergenic and easy to care for. I also found some fillers made from synthetic microfiber which can change shape and size to conform to the body. Microfiber is used for many purposes and is a great synthetic material for furniture and other home furnishings.

With so many synthetic materials available it’s easy to prevent mold and reduce sensitivities, allergies and reactions. If this is a problem you experience I would recommend making changes, starting with your bedding and see how much better you feel.

Karlie Philpott is the creator of TheBodyPillowShop a destination for support and comfort. A place to find the body pillow you need.