You may decide to embark on a series of tree pollen allergy treatments but in fact preventative measures work best. It is important that you understand the underlying features that trigger this sort of reaction in your body.

Normally the tree pollen allergy symptoms will appear in the spring period. The culprits include oak which comes from the genus of Quercus and Birch which comes from the genus of Betula. Pollen on the other hand can be found on many different types of trees. The person can be allergic to a series of conditions and substances. Therefore it is important to have some sort of objective analysis of the symptoms and their impact on the individual. You may actually react with u to 8 species and this will make your spring holiday a real nightmare.

Medication: You should always start with the non-sedating antihistamines that are available without prescription. If they are not working then you can see an allergist for further advice. They may recommend oral leukotriene antagonists. In addition you may decide to use steroid sprays which contain the active ingredient. Some clinicians have recommended drops if your eyes start to deteriorate.
Combinations: Although one particular form of tree pollen allergy treatments may not work, you could actually make use of combination therapies. Ensure that you consult with the doctor because you can trigger some dangerous drug interactions. Often these are worse than the original condition which you had been treating.
Pollens: Extensive research might enable you to isolate the exact pollens that seem to trigger a reaction in you. These are the things that you have to look at in the long run. In order to reverse the conditions you will have to check for the responsive rates. For example if you start on a new antihistamine, it should be possible to ascertain whether it is really improving your condition.

Remember that the tree pollen allergens are carried in the air. Therefore you should limit exposure. A case in point is where you close the car windows when driving in the country side. Buy some specialist vacuum cleaners in order to ensure that you can clear the atmosphere of pollen. When you are given an inhaler or emergency antihistamine, it is important that you carry it with you at all times even if you are working or traveling. The emergencies can arise at the most inconvenient time and you may end up in shock.

The management of tree pollen allergy symptoms requires a multi-pronged approach. Therefore prevention goes hand in hand with a cure. The author of this article is a regular blogger of blog.