Are you one of those unfortunate individuals who have to literally sneeze the summer away because of your allergies and hay fever? You must have tried a whole list of medicines and alternative therapies but most people continue to suffer from this problem throughout the best season of the year.

Well, you can now consider taking bee pollen for allergies. This probably sounds counterproductive! It is the airborne pollen which is causing you distress; then how can taking pollen help? Yet, it has been found to be very effective in dealing with your allergies.

Taking bee pollen for allergies – how does it work?

Taking bee pollen for your allergies can prove to be your wisest decision. Consider the following:

You are naturally allergic to air borne particles including pollen.

You introduce a small and measured quantity of pollen in your system. You continue this practice every day.

Your own immune system now begins to react against the allergen which you have intentionally introduced in your body.

So, your immune system gets in a state of readiness to fight allergens.

When the real allergens come along, your immune system is ready and waiting to deal with them. It is not overwhelmed by a sudden attack of the allergens.

This is actually the principle on which every vaccination procedure is based.

Many sufferers report that they have found taking bee pollen for allergies very effective. Finally, avoid allergy causing food like sugar, gluten, nuts, dairy products and processed food. Dietary changes help to increase the efficiency of pollen to deal with allergies.

In addition to this obvious benefit, pollen carries with it many other advantages. It is an excellent nutritional supplement. It helps in weight loss and maintaining the general health. However, it is always better to consult your doctor before you start taking bee pollen for allergies.

Research study in Juntendo University School of Medicine, Japan showed that the more pollen they fed to mice, the less mast cells are activated. These cells release histamines when they come in contact with allergens. The result is the allergic reaction. So, less of these cells are active, less of the allergic reactions.

How to ensure that the pollen actually works?

If you are taking bee pollen to control your allergies, it is necessary that you choose a high quality one.

Contaminated pollen which is harvested from countries of East Europe, China or USA can cause more harm than good. They often contain pollutants and even heavy metals from excessive use of pesticides. You should know that the best quality and most nutrient rich pollen is obtained from New Zealand where the level of pollution is the lowest.

It is necessary to take freeze dried pollen because this process helps in preserving the maximum nutrients. You should avoid any product which has been exposed to air or heat. This causes the loss of the nutrients by oxidation.

When you are taking bee pollen for allergies, you should make sure to take only the pharmaceutical grade variety. These are processed in accordance with GMP standards which means that all the nutrients are present in this product.

In conclusion, taking bee pollen for allergies can prove to be effective only when you take the best quality, uncontaminated pollen from countries like New Zealand which have been processed with stringent adherence to quality control measures like freeze drying and GMP.

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