A normal function of the digestive system is to break down the food we eat into smaller pieces. This is achieved with the use of enzymes that are present in our saliva, stomach and intestines. This process of breaking down the food aids the body in absorbing essential nutrients, proteins and carbohydrates.

One such enzyme is called lactase. This enzyme is needed to breakdown lactose, which is the sugar in milk. Lactose is actually made up of two different sugars, which are chemically joined together. One separated, these sugars, which are called glucose and galaxies, can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Lactase enzymes are generally found in the jejunum, which in normal terms is the beginning of the small intestine. These enzymes perform but one function – breaking down lactose.

People with a condition known as lactose intolerance have a shortage of the enzyme lactase. As there is a shortage of lactase, the digestive system is unable to properly separate these sugars, which effectively means that some milk remains undigested inside the intestines, causing discomfort, bloating, wind and even diarrhea. Lactose intolerance is said to be among the most common disorders in the world, with nearly 50% of all humans developing some degree of intolerance at some point in their lives.

Although one of the most important nutrients for infants, supplying up to half of the total energy requirement of a newborn baby, it is believed that lactose has no special function or importance for adults. This had led some people to suggest that humans were never designed to drink milk after being weaned.

Many babies suffer from sensitivity to lactose at one time or another, and are subsequently given lactose free formula. Due to the importance of lactose in the supply of energy to infants, any newborn baby that is fed using a lactose free formula must also receive extra energy to replace that lost by the omission of lactose in the lactose free formula.

Lactose has excellent physiological properties such as good texture and an ability to bind water. For this reason it is used extensively in the food industry and can be found in bread, sausages, and even sweets. The next time you are in the supermarket, stop and read the ingredients in the sweets aisle. I’m sure you’ll see many products containing lactose.

For this reason people with intolerance to lactose must be very selective in their diet as lactose is found in some of the most unlikely foods.

There have been some scientific studies carried out in search of a treatment for sensitivity to lactose, however to date these treatments vary in effectiveness from patient to patient and no definite solution has been discovered.

Lactose Intolerance is claimed to be the most common human genetic disorder, supposedly affecting more than half the worlds population. This said, perhaps it is normal for people to be lactose intolerant!

In light of the increased awareness of this condition, there are now a number of lactose free formula available to ease the problems associated with lactose intolerance in babies.

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