It has been estimated that about 62% of USA homes have a pet. Furthermore 161 of these pets belong to the dog and cat families. This article considers the risks of allergic rhinitis for pet lovers and owners.

Most pets produce dander which contains a protein that is an allergen to significant proportions of the population. This protein can also be found in saliva, skin and urine. Sufferers may already be dealing with an asthmatic attack which is then exacerbated. On the other hand pet fur is capable of collecting other allergens such as mold, pollen and yeast. That means that there is a multiplicity of factors that need to be taken into consideration when coming up with a diagnostic assessment.

The immune system: Although it is supposed to be fighting diseases, this is one of the most delicate aspects of the human body. It can be programmed incorrectly such that it perceives relatively harmless elements as threats. An overreaction will lead to the production of histamines. These will seep into the bloodstream and lead to the classic pet allergy symptoms such as sneezing and sniffing. Commercial adverts have made reference to hypoallergenic breeds of pets but in fact these are not completely safe. This is because dander is not necessarily affected by the amount of fur that the animal holds at any given point in time.
Children: Pet lovers are sometimes born and not made. You will find that your toddlers like to cuddle the family cat or dog. If they are allergic then you should limit this contact as much as possible. In severe cases you may even have to get rid of the pet altogether. Although this is an unpleasant experience, it can help to improve the quality of life that the patient leads. If there are no long term side effects then you may decide to use antihistamines as an effective form of pet allergy treatment. Pets should be kept out of bedrooms if you want to get a good night’s sleep. You may decide to wash your pet every week in order to reduce the negative effects of the allergic reaction. According to research these cleaning episodes will help you to

A pet that is well fed on a balanced diet will have less chance of losing hair which is an agent for allergens. It is advisable to use a micro-filter bag with the vacuum cleaner in order to remove some of the allergens from the atmosphere. HEPA air cleaners are also recommended as another level of protection.