Keeping the air clear of allergens in the bedroom is directly related to how well you are able to rest and rejuvenate. And proper rest in the foundation for good health. Here are 5 ways to literally clear the air and insure that allergens don’t interfere with your sleep or health.

Close the Windows – You make think that opening the windows will let in fresher air. A more accurate description is “different air.” In many parts of the country, opening the windows can let all kinds of undesirable pollutants into your home.

And so rather than letting in fresh air, you often trade one irritant for another. Closing the windows will keep seasonal pollens, auto fumes, dust and hundreds of other airborne hazards from.

Limit the Use of Fans – Fans are a cheap way to keep it cool in the summer and to more evenly distribute heat in the winter, but they also cause dust, dust mites and other pollutants to go airborne. This can create air that is thick with allergens and cause allergies and asthma to flare. So even though fans may cost less money, they can cost you your good health by literally stirring up trouble.

Limit Pet Access – If you’re a pet lover, this is probably the hardest thing on this list. Home is one of the places where you can see your pet after long hours away from them.

Having them sleep on the bed, on the chair or sofa, or anywhere in the bedroom will add dander, hair, feathers, and/or fur by the truck load. The slightest movement through the room will send it into the air again making it all too easy to be inhaled.

While you think about what to do about this suggestion, you can clean their bedding/cages regularly because dust mites, another potent allergen, feed on pet dander. Reducing the dander will drastically reduce dust mite population, and reduce the symptoms you experience because of them.

Take Off Your Clothes – Removing clothing as well as shoes before entering the bedroom can greatly reduce the transfer of outdoor pollutants in the bedroom. Odors and smells on clothing can trigger adverse reactions, and particles that cling to hair, clothing and shoes can add to the number of particles that can possibly go airborne.

Isolating clothes that have been worn outdoors away from the bedroom can keep irritants contained. And leaving shoes in a mud room keeps outdoor pollutants from being brought into the bedroom.

Continually Filter the Air – Using an air purifier that is specifically designed to remove particulate and gaseous pollutants is an effective way to keep allergens and other pollutants to a minimum.

A purifier that has a high efficiency particle arresting (abbreviated as HEPA) can trap and eliminate particles as small as .3 microns in size with 99.97% efficiency. In fact this type of filter is so good at what it does that hospitals use it to insure clean air as well.

For gaseous odors your cleaner should also have activated carbon zeolite as well as carbon cloth to take out noxious chemical fumes as well as gases and odors. The zeolite gives protection against gaseous pollutants and because the carbon cloth filter filter has carbon as its base, it provides double protection against particulates and gasses.

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