Accumulation of mucus within the nasal passages can cause pressure on the surrounding areas, thus resulting to various painful symptoms and leading to a condition known as sinusitis. The worst scenario with sinusitis is that the symptoms may last for several weeks, which means you are to suffer several weeks of discomfort as well. Treating sinus infection can be easy if you are aware of the symptoms and you know the specific sinuses that are infected. Some of the most common symptoms of sinus infection include:

Breathing difficulty.Blocked nose.Fever.Coughing and sneezing.Throbbing headache.Sense of fullness and heaviness inside the ears.Pain and tenderness around the affected area.Halitosis or bad breath.Jaw pain.Fatigue.Dizziness.

Some of the medicines often used when treating sinus infection are antihistamines and nasal decongestants. These medicines are helpful in reducing congestion and relieving difficulty in breathing. However, you should know that these medications can cause various side effects. If you want to avoid these, then you may opt for the natural remedies to help you relieve and treat sinus infection. Some of these remedies include:

Flushing the blocked sinuses: you can do this by using a neti pot or a bulb syringe. Fill the pot with two cups of lukewarm water with half teaspoon of salt as a saline solution. Tilt your head on the left or right and then pour the solution into one of your nostrils. Allow the solution to drain on the other nostril and then do the same on the other side. This can help you wash out the phlegm buildup and unclogged the blockage in the nasal passages.
Steam treatment: this is being considered as an age old remedy against sinusitis, especially when dealing with blocked sinuses. With a bowl of boiling water, lean over it with your eyes closed and then inhale the steam coming from the water. You can put a towel or a blanket over your head to prevent the steam from escaping. Continue inhaling the steam until the water cools off. The heat coming from the steam can help thin down the mucus, thus allowing the blocked sinuses to open up.
Oil of Oregano: adding 2 to 3 drops of oregano oil into your orange juice, coffee or tea and stirring it well can help you relieve various symptoms of sinusitis. Oregano oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties that are helpful in reducing inflammation in the mucus lining. Aside from that, it can also help strengthen the immune system and helps fight infection.
Echinacea tea: this is an herbal remedy which is very effective when treating sinus infection. You can prepare the tea by simply soaking 2 teaspoons of Echinacea herb in a cup of boiling water for at least 10 minutes. Make sure that you consume the tea at least 3 times a day for faster relief.

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