It’s been drummed into our heads since birth, the benefits of drinking milk daily. But in today’s present market, often this so called healthy food is nothing but disaster for many people without them even realizing it.

So why this complete turnaround in health and nutritional fitness information now?
Most cows are now fed the wrong type of feed. Cows are born and bred to be a pasture-raised animal. It is their intended food source inbred by nature.

Cows though today are often born into the large factory farm environment. Here, these animals usually never even see the sunshine, nevertheless a field of grass. Caged from their birth to their death in a pen where they can neither move nor sit, the typical dairy cow must stand in one position 24 hours a day/7 days a week in filthy, never-cleaned pens.

Their food source has become GMO corn or GMO soybeans plus an assortment of animal parts, manure,pesticides and cottonseed all blended into a mash. Antibiotics are then routinely injected to preserve a semblance of health to speed up fattening for delivery of meat and/or milk to the market.

Pasteurization and homogenization are both man-made processes to aid in obtaining a safe and healthy product to be delivered to the retail store for resale. The problem here though is:
Pasteurization is a heat-sensitive production process used to kill any potentially harmful bacteria which may be present in the milk products themselves. Unfortunately, these high heats also destroy the vitamin, mineral and good healthy digestive enzymes present in good clean raw milk. When these are destroyed, the human digestive system has a hard time breaking down and utilizing any possible health benefits which may be left.
Homogenized milk is then a process used to denature the milks proteins (thus changing the original protein), again making digestion harder. Many people diagnosed with milk allergies may actually be reacting to these “foreign proteins” because the human digestive system over-reacts believing they are foreign invaders in their system.
Although not a true allergy for some, scientists have determined some people can be so sensitive to milk-based products, it often shows increasing inflammation of the joints and tissues. A considerable reduction of pain and swelling is usually observed after the elimination of milk products, especially in arthritis patients.
Many asthmatics and food allergy sufferers have shown considerable improvements after the elimination of milk also. Dairy products often lead to the excessive formation of mucous in the respiratory system for many people. This then results in an increase in adverse breathing effects, often noticeable results can be found in people which commonly get seasonal allergies also.
Cow’s milk itself has many naturally-occurring hormones which are not standard to the human body. But now, with the increase in steroids use, antibiotics and hormones to facilitate shorter times to market for food products, man is showing an over-abundance of chemical imbalances in his own system also.
Our bodies are in a constant state of flux trying to obtain and maintain a certain chemical balance. Dairy products, when ingested, become an acid-forming end product. An abundance of different types of dairy therefore requires these acids to be neutralized on a continuous basis. Pulling the alkaline calcium from the human bone is the body’s first line of defense.

Increased levels of calcium continually pulled from the bones as we age though (remember an adult loses more and more calcium storage year after year around 25-30 years of age) will eventually lead to a condition known as brittle bones, osteoporosis.

So although milk and milk-based products may be a current favorite in your dietary plan, many others have found complete avoidance (or trial and error runs of organic, raw milk products) has led them to greater success for their family’s health.

About the Author: Kathi Robinson
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